Thursday, November 5, 2015

Betwixt and Between

My energy lately has been like an autumn leaf. I have gone through so many stages of change in a matter of weeks it’s no small wonder I am still functional.

Autumn is a time of letting go and dying to the old. A maple leaf knows when it is time to die to the old and stop functioning in the way it is used to. It stops making chlorophyll and when it does, a strange and beautiful thing happens: It shows its true colors. It puts on a brilliant light show in the crisp blue skies of autumn as if to say, “Look at me! This is my true beauty!” When the fall winds come, it lets go of the old without hesitation or regret and gently floats to the ground – a foreign place to the leaf. For a while, the leaf lies on the ground, wondering what its next job is. As it surrenders further, the leaf begins to decay and becomes food for the tree it once called home. Through the winter, it prepares for another cycle of life to come in the spring.

Similarly, I know it is time to die to the old. The old way of being, thinking, and doing is changing. My former function is about to change and when it does, my true colors will show. Who I truly am and why I am here will be revealed in a new way.

As I was walking yesterday, I meditated on how I have been feeling lately. I am not in this world and not yet in the next. I feel like the leaf that is gently floating between worlds. Like the leaf, I know that I will soon ground this new energy. This winter will be a time of integration of the new in the physical so that by spring, I will be ready to enter into a new life, different from any life change I have experienced.

While I am in this betwixt and between state, I feel disconnected from everything. My energy cannot tune into the frequency of the world around me like it used to. One day I feel incredible joy and the next I am in an indescribable state trying to get the joy feeling again but I can't. It is like going through a rolodex looking for a number and it’s not there because the rolodex can no longer hold the information for this vibration. You have to access it from your smart phone.

I am unplugging from one world and have not yet plugged into the next. It is like upgrading to a new operating system and until the upgrade finishes, I can’t access any programs. Patience and trust are needed now.

A friend of mine I hadn’t heard from in a year called me a couple of weeks ago. She said she had a message for me. Her first words were “Nothing is as it appears.” No truer words were ever spoken. I am seeing everything in my life with new eyes and with a new mind and heart.

This new operating system downloads through the heart. I feel more deeply than I ever have and I can access the power of my heart’s field more easily. Like a child on Christmas Eve anticipating the arrival of Santa, I am excited about what this upgrade may bring. I have a feeling this download will be complete by Christmas. If you have been feeling similarly, look for some extra goodies in your stocking this year!

Until then, be gentle with yourself, rest when needed, and stay in the moment. Surrender, sleep, and synthesize during this sacred season.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rise Above

Every challenge of the past week has asked me to rise above the situation and see it from a new perspective. Things really aren't the way they appear, or rather I should say, the way they appeared. My old thought patterns of "expect the worst" and "everything is a battle" were confronted with a new mosaic this week: things will work out with ease and grace if I stay in the moment and stay positive.

I was conditioned to believe that life is hard from past experiences, family, and past lives. Notice I used the word "past" twice. The past is past and the way we lived and our beliefs are also passe. We are literally creating our experiences in real time now. We have always been co-creators of our reality but the lag time between our thoughts and heart desires and their manifestation was so large, we couldn't see the connection. All of that has changed now and we can't miss the connection or synchronicity.

Synchronicity is increasing. All we need do is pay attention and we will see it everywhere. A couple of weeks ago, I had a line of the song "Landslide" playing in my head. I turned on my car radio and the exact line played in its entirety. What are the odds of that? Let's start doing the math: take the number of radio stations I could have tuned into and multiply that by the number of songs that could play on any of those stations. I think you get the idea. Or that a friend of mine, who lives 2500 miles away, went to a pre-scheduled dental appointment at the same time I went to an emergency dental appointment on the same day for issues on the same tooth? It is undeniable that we are all connected and live in an interwoven web of consciousness that we can finally tune into. Our frequency has sufficiently increased to catch Source's signal. That's huge. That's life-changing. That means we can now use our hardwired connection to Source from our hearts and download our desires with a high speed internet connection!

In the blink of an eye, we can change our world and our perception of it. We can manifest our heart's deepest desires more easily. Our biggest challenge now is to watch our thoughts and to be centered in our hearts - our connection to Source. Ask what your heart desires more than anything. Take a couple steps in that direction, stay positive, and watch the Universe respond in ways you never thought possible...until now!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"To Thy Own Self Be True" - Especially Now!

Life can make you crazy. Let's face it. Things are pretty messed up right now - people shooting people for no apparent reason, freak accidents, and weird weather, not to mention the influx of charged particles from our sun and the galaxy. The intensity of the energy bombarding all of us is increasing and we see the effects of it all around and within us.

Even those "on their path" can occasionally get lost. Take me for example. I veered so far from my path that I completely lost my way for a while. It happens to the best of us. All we can do is stop and get back on track without self-judgement. Easier said than done.

Shakespeare was right. We must be true to ourselves above all else. That still small voice can get pretty still and very faint at times. Our hearts may not be sending the clear signals we were used to. After all, all of us are being bombarded by high frequency energy while the earth's magnetic field is decreasing. Even Scotty can't increase our shields enough to protect us from this barrage. It's enough to make us want Scotty to beam us up at times! So how do we tune into to our hearts while immersed in galactic static? 

In my book, Hardwired to Heaven, I provide a meditation to help us remove the static charge around us and bring us back into balance. It is a useful tool during these challenging times. Here is my meditation for dissipating and balancing energy:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, arms out at your sides, and with your palms facing up.
  2. As you inhale, imagine feminine energy entering your left palm and continuing through your left arm to your heart. Feminine energy (yin) includes allowing, receiving, nurturing, passivity, intuiting, unconditional love, and creative imagination.
  3. At the right palm, imagine masculine energy entering and traveling through your right arm into your heart, where it meets and crosses at the sacred coordinate [a special place near the center of your heart] and continues up into the brain. Masculine energy (yang) includes acting, giving, inner strength, courage, and rational left brain activities.
  4. The masculine energy now enters the left hemisphere of the brain while feminine energy enters the right hemisphere, each of which is their respective homes, since each hemisphere controls the opposite side of the body. As the energy continues to the crown, hold your breath for a moment and visualize the two energies crossing paths, producing an arc of neutrality.
  5. As the energies continue through the brain, [down the neck] and into the heart (where they become balanced) exhale, expelling all the air in your lungs as you visualize the energy moving down through your spine, through your legs, into your feet, and finally into the ground to literally ground the energy.
  6. Continue the meditation until you feel more balanced and at a peace. 

© Joan Cerio 2014

Once your energy is clear and balanced (at least for the moment!), bring your attention to your heart and ask it for guidance. Pay attention to how you feel, what you see, what you hear, or what just comes to you. Your heart is connected to the Universal mind. When you follow your heart, you are always on your path. 

As we continue to ride this wild energy, let's remember why this is happening. The energies are helping us to remember and awaken to who we really are so we can truly live Shakespeare's words: "To thy own self be true."

You can download more tools to maintain balance for free on my website. I also provide two other meditations in Hardwired to Heaven. To download the free tools or to purchase a copy of my book, please visit


Monday, March 16, 2015

Cosmic Gift

Today is the final Pluto Uranus square in a series of seven that started in 2012. This celestial event will not occur again (thankfully) in our lifetimes. What these two outer powerhouse planets (why isn't Pluto still a planet?) bring us is transformation (Pluto) and awakening (Uranus). The energy of this final square asks us, "What patterns have we not yet purged? What are we still holding on to that no longer serves us?" 

In just a few days, we will also experience a total solar eclipse in the very last degree of Pisces, on a super new moon, just hours away from the vernal equinox. This is one power-packed week. I have been feeling this intensity since last week. It hasn't been pretty. Healing usually isn't. 

Yesterday, I delved deep into my soul and asked why I continue a certain behavior. What I found is that the behavior was passed down from my mother who probably received it from one of her parents and so on. The past patterns of our ancestors can be inherited by subsequent generations unless we are aware enough to identify and change the behavior.

My mother was a perfectionist and she expected no less from her children. No matter what I did, it was never good enough for my mother. "If you got 98, you could have gotten 100 on your report card," she would say. Slowly but surely, I took on the energy of "not good enough" and what comes next? Low self-worth and self-doubt, of course. To counteract this, I created scenarios where I thought I had to do more and be more than anyone else - the quintessential overachiever. I had worried that if I didn't meet my mother's expectations, she wouldn't love me. That was the story I told myself. Eventually, not good enough turned into not worthy of love.

So here I am writing about the heart, the symbol of love, in my book, Hardwired to Heaven: Download Your Divinity Through Your Heart and Create Your Deepest Desires. "Your greatest wound shall be your greatest strength," my astrologer told me years ago when speaking about Chiron. In Greek mythology, Chiron is known as the wounded healer. As I heal my own heart, I am able to heal other hearts.

My journey to the depths of my soul revealed a pearl. It was always there, waiting for me to acknowledge it. My gift. My raison d'etre. I am loved and lovable. We all are for we are never separate from the love that created us. May this week of once-in-a-lifetime energy, bring you a cosmic gift and unearth your pearl. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 - Living Our Heart's Desire

I wasn't surprised when I heard that the most used word in 2014 wasn't a word but the heart symbol also known as an emoji ( I wasn't surprised because I had named 2014 the year of the heart back in February (scroll down to read my 2/15/2014 blog). We commonly associate love, compassion, emotion, passion, and joy with the heart. The heart also symbolizes wisdom and intuition, both feminine qualities. What makes the use of the heart emoji so significant is that our focus has changed from head-centered living to heart-centered living. The world has declared the importance of the heart and all it represents.

If 2014 was the year of the heart, 2015 may be known as the year we finally get to live our heart's desire. The heart regains its rightful place as ruler of our souls and destiny. What our heart wants, our heart gets. As each of us follow the promptings of our hearts, we fulfill our role in "heartmonizing" the planet. We create a harmonious new world based on love.

We can't just think our way through the enormous problems this world faces - we must let our hearts lead the way. "What the mind cannot comprehend, the heart already knows" is a quote from my book, Hardwired to Heaven. Our hearts are hardwired to the cosmic intelligence and know more than our brains could ever imagine. The Institute for HeartMath has conducted research to show that our heart receives intuitive information well before our brain. Our heart is really mission control, but we have let our brain, the "space shuttle" of our body, set the course. 2015 will bring major societal and individual course corrections to align us with our heart's truest desires.

The earth has been aligning with the center or "heart" of the galaxy since 1980. This process of passing through the galactic alignment zone will be complete in 2016. It is time for us to align our hearts with the One Heart that beats for all. At the heart of the Universe is a spiraling intelligence called love. This year, we get to tap into the infinite power of the heart and create our deepest desires.