Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 - Embodying the Divine

What better time than the season of light, Christmas, to prepare for the physical integration of my God self.  For those of us wayshowers, it is becoming increasingly evident that our time draws near.  

This past year has been physically still, emotionally moving, mentally challenging, and spiritually awakening.  I have experienced numerous heart-opening events, challenging yet empowering relationship issues, disconnection from and reconnection to consciousness grids, and reclamation of my soul and its passion.  

If I look back at 2011 with the eyes of mainstream consciousness, it appears I didn't do much.  I worked a part time job and researched and wrote numerous chapters for my second book.  In turn, my book worked on me.  As a writer friend of mine says, we write for ourselves first and then others.  The first potential title I gave my book is, Remembering Your Divinity.  2011 has certainly been a year of doing just that.  From stillness comes all motion.

2012 feels like the year of not only remembering my divinity, but embodying and living as the God that I AM.  How do I wrap my human mind around that?  The answer is I don't.  I open my heart to it.  In my second book, I am writing about the heart and how the energy of the universe, the divine intelligence, works through the heart and enables us to do anything.  The heart's electromagnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than the brain's.  The heart can handle the enormity of what it means to be God incarnate, the mind cannot.

While we are tuning into the higher frequencies of new consciousness grids, the 3D world appears to make no sense.  Words do not always flow freely and when I find myself searching for the word I chose to use, that word no longer makes sense to me.  New thought templates cannot contain the words of the past.  Words are powerful tools of creation.  Given the nature of the world today, I certainly do not choose to continue to create more of the old.  A new vocabulary is literally forming since sound yields form.  We are writing the new thought templates as we move up in frequency.  As we do this we reform our world, first within and then without.

2011 was a year of intense internal reformation.  I think 2012 will be a year of intense external reformation as we embody, as Maureen Moss calls it, the heart and mind of God.

I will begin 2012 with ceremony to declare and embody the God that I AM.  For me, there is no other "work."  This is the work of the human soul.  

This Christmas, I know and experience joy in my world, triumphant faith, love beyond measure, a thankful heart, and heavenly peace.  Here's to 2012 and the end of the world as I have known it.  Cheers!