Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birth by Fire

Cone Nebula. Photo courtesy of NASA

The fire of the Leo New Moon is burning. Have you felt the heat? A record heat wave has moved across the country. Through this heat, gold is tempered and formed. With carbon and pressure, the heat performs its alchemical magic and transforms the carbon-based substance into precious diamonds, the hardest of all structures. The fourteenth card of the Tarot deck teaches us temperance. It is the fusion and mixing of opposites, fire with water, heaven with earth, as a means of birthing our creative self-expression, all through trial by fire.

Through the heat and pressure cooker-like energies of late, we dive deep into our oceans of emotions, gather our hidden treasures, and rise above our internal inferno, like the phoenix, reborn. Our dreams, passions, and purpose amalgamate with our true essence and human flesh. Our treasures can no longer remain hidden. It is time to rise and be who you are. Your God Self demands attention.

I can only describe the energies of late as INTENSE. As my impurities were boiled out in the pressure cooker energies, and the last known remnants of resistance squeezed out of me like toothpaste from a tube, my treasures emerged and with them, more clarity. Not only is it time to walk my talk, but to talk my walk. With books, computer, clothes and my faith, I set out for points unknown. As one of the keys in my book, In the Key of Life, An Activational Journey to the Soul, says, "A bear cannot hibernate forever." It is time to emerge from the sleepy and idle warmth of my den and, as the next key states, "Cast your net upon the sea and let your faith feed you." Now, I live the book. Now, I speak the book. I am the book and it is me.

I set out on my journey in September to "talk the book" and build interest in the school I am creating based on the book. The school, called Coeuressence, is an experiential journey of self-discovery and self-mastery, similar to the ancient mystery schools. Although primarily a distance learning school, students will meet two to three times during the five month program and will be provided with tools and experiences to unlock their hidden treasures.

I will be doing book signings, free introductory classes about the school, and my master initiation sessions while on the road. If you know of places to hold such events or if you would like to host an event, please email me at If you would like more information about myself, the school, where I will be speaking, or to make a love donation, please visit my website at

Many blessings on your path!

Joan Cerio - Keeper of the Keys to a Masterful Life
Life Lines - Publishing high vibrational words that serve as "lifelines" for self-transformation.