Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Decision and Mission of a Lifetime

Into the dark we go! With the sun in Scorpio and still under the influence of a new moon in Scorpio on October 30, it is time to dig deep and unearth all that we individually and collectively buried long ago. Things we thought were long past rear their heads again to show us where we still have some work to do or what no longer serves us. The big question being asked now is "Who do we choose to be?" Do we choose to stay stuck in the mud or do we muster enough courage to take that first step in creating our new life? Creation begins in the void, the darkness, and if we choose to create anew we must take that initial step into the unknown.

US citizens are being asked not only to decide who will be our President, but also who do we, individually and collectively, choose to be now. Will we choose to stay stuck in the divisive energy of the past or will we choose to rise above it? What secrets will be unearthed for the American people to see and what will we choose to do in response to the unveiling? We are at a turning point and there is no going back. The past as we have known it is gone. We can no longer recreate what was. 

We are in the midst of the greatest shift of energy this planet has experienced in thousands of years. The sun is going through a solar minimum cycle, meaning there are fewer sunspots and solar flares. This decreased solar activity allows more cosmic rays from the galactic center to penetrate Earth's atmosphere. In addition, the earth's magnetic field, which acts as a shield to these rays, is weakening. The result is the bombardment of higher frequency charged particles. This energy is changing our DNA. It is literally enlightening us and waking us up. The collective alarm clock is going off. 

These next four years for the US will be tumultuous. The astrology points to it and the evolving consciousness demands it. Change can be hard. The wayshowers know this all too well. Many of us left our homes, families, and friends to go on our individual vision quests of awakening. We used much, if not all, of the resources we had in order to do this because we answered the call and we did it out of love. Now many of us find ourselves without a home of our own, with little money, few friends, and removed from a world that no longer makes sense. Hold on a bit more. Our time is coming where we will be summoned into service again. 

Because of this influx of energy, there will be a mass healing unlike we have ever seen. But healing isn't always pretty. We can go through a healing crisis where our symptoms temporarily get worse. All of the emotions that were stuffed deep within - all the anger, rage, resentment, fear, sadness, joy, and love - will float to the surface to be expressed. Wild swings of emotions, bouts of anger and ecstasy, will become the norm for awhile. 

How do I know this? Because the wayshowers, myself included, have already experienced this. It took us years to cross this bridge into the new, going through ascension cycle after ascension cycle. Even though we were the pioneers, we had it "easy." We had some notion of why we were experiencing this. When the masses wake up, they won't have the luxury of years to gradually assimilate these potent energies and most will not understand what is happening to them. When this happens, the wayshowers will be activated into service again to assist with the spiritual triage of much of humanity.

The intense energy of late is also helping the wayshowers to step into our roles as mentors who have mastered this monumental movement of energy. Our new mission is to shed light on what has been hidden, help others on their journey of awakening, and co-create a new way of living on planet Earth. 

For now, we can hold space for the US Presidential Election and for all who are awakening. We can do this by going into the sacred place within our hearts and radiating divine love through our heart's electromagnetic field, expanding it to encompass all of Washington, DC and then all of the US, and all of the world.

May we open our hearts and follow our hearts as we co-create our paths together now and in the coming years.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Time Passages

What a whirlwind of a time we are in! With today's energy of the Lion Gate portal to the first of three eclipses within one month, to Saturn going direct on 8/13, to Mercury going retrograde on 8/31 through most of September, and finally the fall equinox on 9/22, we are in the depths of change. All of these potentially life-changing events will mark some of the most significant passages of our lives. Here is a boiled down version of the energy of the three eclipses with information from astrologer David Palmer, the Leo King.

The first "eclipse" begins on 8/18. I use quotation marks because this eclipse is a slight penumbral eclipse that will not be visible but will be palpable. This petite player will pack a powerful punch. Like a slit in time, this eclipse will open the veils of illusion and delusion to help us see where we have been hiding and who we have been hiding. Our authentic joyful loving nature will finally emerge. We may feel like the chains are gone and we are finally free to live our divine blueprint even though the world outside still doesn't appear to be ready for us. Even so, the stage has been set and we get to peek through the curtains to catch a glimpse of our new life. 

The second of the three eclipses kits off the energies of September right at the beginning of the month. This eclipse is the most powerful of the three. It will require us to make major life decisions that are tied to our authentic selves. Will we be true to our joyful loving nature or will we decide to stay in the old heavy energies of societal "shoulds?" There may be such a schism between the old and the new worlds that we must make a choice between the two. We may feel that we have dimensional dementia as we go through this passageway into the 5th dimension. It may be confusing for us until we adjust to the new energies.

The last of the three eclipses occurs on September 16. This eclipse shows us that the old ways are crumbling and the things we've come to lean on aren't there anymore. What is no longer in resonance with this new world must be left behind. We are packing our bags and there is only so much room for our stuff. This is a time of sorting and letting go. Much of the stuff we will be sorting through is our relationships. Ouch. But we can't drag what or who has been dragging us down into the lighter vibration. When we completely detach from the past, we make room to create our new lives. Step by step, we slowly and carefully work to create our new life in a new time and in a new way.

Last week, the song "Time Passages" from Al Stewart kept going through my head. After reviewing the lyrics, I understand why. We are all going through a major time passage. May we all have the courage, clarity, and conviction to make these life-changing decisions and step into our New Earth with hearts full of love and joy.

Time Passages lyrics from Al Stewart

"It was late in December, the sky turned to snow
All round the day was going down slow
Night like a river beginning to flow
I felt the beat of my mind go
Drifting into time passages
Years go falling in the fading light
Time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight
Well I'm not the kind to live in the past
The years run too short and the days too fast
The things you lean on are the things that don't last
Well it's just now and then my line gets cast into these
Time passages
There's something back here that you left behind
Oh time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight

Hear the echoes and feel yourself starting to turn
Don't know why you should feel
That there's something to learn
It's just a game that you play

Well the picture is changing
Now you're part of a crowd
They're laughing at something
And the music's loud
A girl comes towards you
You once used to know
You reach out your hand
But you're all alone, in these
Time passages
I know you're in there, you're just out of sight
Time passages
Buy me a ticket on the last train home tonight"

Saturday, June 25, 2016


As the five retrograde planets slowly move forward, we can see and feel their effects within us and in the world. This is a time of going deep and releasing the old on all levels from personal to societal. We are preparing ourselves for great change.

A word for sudden, complete or marked change is revolution. Many of us are experiencing this in our personal lives but we are also experiencing it globally. In the US, people came out in great numbers to vote for and support candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump whose philosophies do not go along with the status quo. People protested both candidates and there were two attempts on Trump's life. There have been protests across the country about alleged police brutality. A terrorist attack at the Orlando Pulse nightclub brought people together to support the LBGT community and the families of those who lost their lives in the shooting.

Britain voted to leave the EU. This will have major economic repercussions around the world. Many economies are on the verge of collapse or have already collapsed. The decline in oil prices contributed to Venezuela's economic collapse. People are rioting because there is not enough food, medicine, and electricity. 

In Mexico, protesters are calling for revolution over the abduction and murder of 43 students by drug gang members. There is so much political corruption that neither the police nor the Mexican Army would intervene to save these students from their barbaric deaths. There was another protest over education reform where police fired on the protesters and killed eight teachers and wounded hundreds.

In March, more than a million Brazilians came out to protest governmental corruption and the worst recession in a century.

Currently, there are so many protests over France's labor law that exhausted police asked that the protests be postponed so that they could rest.

People across the globe are waking up and speaking out. Even Mother Earth is getting in on the action. We are in the beginning stages of solar minimum where there are few sunspots. With this decreased activity of the sun comes the greater likelihood of galactic cosmic rays hitting the earth. Things will continue to heat up globally within and on the earth. As her mantle heats up, it can cause more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. There's a whole lot of shaking going on and it won't let up any time soon. That's okay. The old ways need a good shake-up.

The world as we have known it is changing - in BIG ways. Now. Before our eyes. What is broken is falling apart. What shall we build in its place? What will our children say about this time? Will we use our hearts and not just our heads to create this new world? 

"Finally the tables are starting to turn. Talkin' bout a Revolution." 
(Lyrics and music by Tracy Chapman) 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Moment of Truth

Only in the darkest night can the brightest light be seen. 

We are in our collective dark night of the soul. At every level - globally, socially, individually, and spiritually, we are facing our moment of truth.

There is a great contrast of energies: the impending doom of a world gone mad and the light from so many awakening hearts heralding in a new paradigm. Even as the darkness increases, there is reason to rejoice: The light will match the darkness, and the light always wins.

The world is at a crisis point. Whether you believe that global warming is caused by man or through natural cycles, the surface temperatures of Earth are moving at an alarming rate toward 2.0 degrees warmer than pre-industrial levels. NASA just released last month's data showing that February was the warmest in history - approximately 1.55 to 1.75 degrees Celcius above average. Some scientists say we are in a "climate emergency." Wild swings in temperature and weather systems are creating a thousand year floods and epic droughts.

Water has been in the news, especially how it has become polluted in Flint, Michigan. According to the UN, water use has grown at twice the rate of population growth in the last century. The bottom line from all of the numbers is that in 9 to 14 years, there may not be enough drinking water to sustain all of us.

The economy has been on a roller-coaster. Just last month Forbes published an article, "Cheap Oil Edging Us Toward Global Economic Collapse." China's and Japan's economies are tenuous. We may be in for quite a ride.

In June 2015, the journal, Science Advances, published an article saying that the earth is on the brink of a 6th mass extinction and man is to blame.

We are living in a cesspool. The radiation from Fukushima is still pouring out of the damaged reactors into the air and the water. The use of pesticides and herbicides has polluted our lakes and streams. Large oil spills such as the Deep Water Horizon spill have polluted our oceans. Factories and automobiles continue to pollute our air.

We now live on a planet with over 7 billion people. One billion of them do not have enough food or safe drinking water. The earth cannot continue to sustain these numbers in the way we have been doing it.

Our food supply is decreasing. This past El nino year created severe droughts and floods, both contributing to lower crop production. In return, the cost of food goes up while the quality of our food goes down.

We live in a dangerous world. Terrorist attacks happen too frequently. North Korea seems intent on annihilating the US. And the list goes on and on...

Why am I writing this? We need to see and speak the truth. As I wrote in my first book, In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul, "What else is awakening but the opening of one's eyes and heart to what is. The truth has been hidden. Now it is time for it to shine forth."

While all of this doom and gloom is happening, we are awakening en masse and March is a key player in this collective alarm clock.

The month of March brought with it an energetic earthquake of the three e's: eclipses, equinox, and Easter. The two eclipses served to shake out whatever sludge had been buried deep. This subconscious rotor-router surfaced old patterns, beliefs, and toxic relationships that kept us from moving forward. Like a governor on a car, it limited the speed at which we did our inner and outer work so that when the time came, we could move full speed ahead. 

The vernal equinox is a time when daylight is equal to night and also signals a time of greater light. It serves as a balance point, an energy that can help us center and balance ourselves in our new light and life. With more light, we can see things more clearly. A new paradigm, a new way of life is born.

Easter is a time of death and rebirth. It symbolizes dying to the old so that the new can be born. The March eclipses served to clear the old and prepare us for the resurrection of our true selves. The days of crucifying ourselves over repeated old patterns are over.

After this cosmic cleanup and death and rebirth, we face our moment of truth. We see through the illusion and delusions we were fed and see what is true - for ourselves and the world. We can no longer live as the diminutive self we once thought we were. Our governors are gone. We are called to live in truth: our truth, the truth of who we are, and the bigger truth. That means seeing and speaking the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

What else can we do to turn the tide of these tumultuous times? Here are some suggestions.

Now, more than ever, we need to move out of our minds and into our hearts. Picture yourself packing all the stuff in your mind and watch yourself move it into your heart. Set up house in your heart because, as the saying goes, "Home is where the heart is." To live from your heart, you need to quiet the mind. Practice yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, and meditation. Living from the heart means you live in the present moment. 

Follow the calling of your heart. Get used to feeling what is best for you and allow yourself to really feel each emotion. Give yourself the time and space to do this. Notice when you feel love and amplify the feeling by saying to yourself, "This is what love feels like to me and I choose to feel love." Take some time to feel the nuances of love through your body.

Do the hard self work of clearing and cleaning out your worn beliefs and patterns closet. Take time to go within each day and assess your progress.

Do what brings you joy. Be in joy for joy resides in the heart. It also stabilizes the nervous system. Turn off the TV, tablet, cell phone, and radio and just be. 

Go out in nature. Breathe. Notice the life that surrounds you and feeds you.

Feel appreciation. Feeling gratitude brings your heart into coherence. For more information and tools to assist you with this, visit Participate in the Global Coherence Initiative that is part of the HeartMath Institute and assist in harmonizing the planet.

Finally, claim your divine birthright. Live your moment of truth and the truth of who you are in each moment. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Each of us is a step on the journey to a new world, a new life, and a new paradigm. Let's walk it together. Now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 - Back to the Future to Break Free

I don't usually write predictions for the coming year and for 2016, you don't need to be psychic to somewhat accurately foretell this year's coming events. What's different about this forecast is that it is somewhat based in science, some in esoteric knowledge, and some in metaphysics. 

"Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can move forward," I was told by a woman who owned a metaphysical store shortly after I returned home from months on the road traveling across the country. Her insight is perfect for what 2016 has in store for us.

For those of you who know all too well about mercury retrograde energy, be advised that 2016 will host not three but four mercury retrograde periods. We will be forced to review, rethink, revise, and most importantly, re-vision our path and purpose. What makes this retro energy more interesting, is that the cosmos is providing us an opportunity to view a supernova event that occurred back in 2014. It is said that we are currently living what we envisioned in the past. Certainly, the light we see coming from the cosmos is years old. Think back to what significant event(s) occurred in 2014. You may be revisiting that this year. Keep in mind that we will be able to see the light from a supernova so what is revealed this year will be huge.

Continuing with the cosmic theme, 2016 is the last year the earth will be in the galactic alignment zone. The past 36 years have been powerful and pivotal for humanity. As the earth moves through the last vestiges of the galactic equator, we may experience a "break free" type of energy, like the recoil of a gun or the snap of a slingshot. It offers us the opportunity to break free from the past. How appropriate, then, for the year to start in mercury retrograde. January rapidly returns us to look at what has been our biggest challenge over the past several years. It is a time of reflection, review, and re-evaluation. 

On a global scale, this recoil energy will bring copious amounts of charged particles from the galactic center and the sun. Expect more wild weather and severe Earth changes. The west coast of the US may be in for more and larger earthquakes due to the increased amount of weight on the plates from water and snow from the recent storms. Add to that the movement of the crust via mudslides and there could be a whole lot of shakin' going on. Volcanoes will be also be more active in 2016. Not only will the crust be moving, but the Earth's poles may take several giant steps closer to reversing. 

As the rifts within the Earth widen, the rifts between races and people may widen this year. All the shaking on Earth will be felt within each of us. Many of us will finally be able to shake free from anything that has kept us stuck in the past. Expect things to seem upside down this year. What worked in the past, will not work now. Even though it may seem like we are doing a lot of rework and re-visioning, it is not the same as living in the past or working with things the way we used to. 

2016 is a nine year and how appropriate, then, to have a new ninth planet again in our solar system. Poor Pluto was downgraded from planet status several years ago but still nonetheless powerful. Pluto is still in Capricorn so expect more of the same upheaval in social structures, especially in the monetary system. Wall Street had its worst January opening and I think there will continue to be big swings in the economy. Since nine is about completion and fulfillment, we will complete whatever needs to be completed in order to evolve. Nine energy will also be like a healing balm: It is highly spiritual, humanitarian, compassionate, tolerant, and unity consciousness. It may serve as the salve that soothes our sore selves and helps us to rise above the chaos.

From the current NOAA predictions, it looks like El Nino is going to make himself at home in 2016. Also, Saturn will be square Neptune for most of the year. Look for searing temperatures and tempers, violent storms and more violence. Also look for heart-opening emotionally-challenging events that will ultimately assist us in our evolution. 

This will be a year of rolling up our sleeves and geting our hands dirty as we embody our multidimensional selves. The picture I get is going from "white collar" (divine) to "blue collar" (mundane). With Saturn square Neptune for the majority of the year, it is time to get real with our spiritual ideals. We are in a human body on Earth and we need to deal with the physical using our spiritual principles and intuitive flashes. Time to walk our talk.

2016 will be a year of looking back in order to move forward to create our future - a future that is based in spiritual principles born of years of hard work and tears. 2011 through 2015 was a time of rebooting. 2016 is a time of re-visioning and reworking our dream, and in this age of Aquarius, it will be done together to benefit all of humanity. May it be so.

Much love, joy, peace, and prosperity in 2016. May we live and create from our hearts.