Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Decision and Mission of a Lifetime

Into the dark we go! With the sun in Scorpio and still under the influence of a new moon in Scorpio on October 30, it is time to dig deep and unearth all that we individually and collectively buried long ago. Things we thought were long past rear their heads again to show us where we still have some work to do or what no longer serves us. The big question being asked now is "Who do we choose to be?" Do we choose to stay stuck in the mud or do we muster enough courage to take that first step in creating our new life? Creation begins in the void, the darkness, and if we choose to create anew we must take that initial step into the unknown.

US citizens are being asked not only to decide who will be our President, but also who do we, individually and collectively, choose to be now. Will we choose to stay stuck in the divisive energy of the past or will we choose to rise above it? What secrets will be unearthed for the American people to see and what will we choose to do in response to the unveiling? We are at a turning point and there is no going back. The past as we have known it is gone. We can no longer recreate what was. 

We are in the midst of the greatest shift of energy this planet has experienced in thousands of years. The sun is going through a solar minimum cycle, meaning there are fewer sunspots and solar flares. This decreased solar activity allows more cosmic rays from the galactic center to penetrate Earth's atmosphere. In addition, the earth's magnetic field, which acts as a shield to these rays, is weakening. The result is the bombardment of higher frequency charged particles. This energy is changing our DNA. It is literally enlightening us and waking us up. The collective alarm clock is going off. 

These next four years for the US will be tumultuous. The astrology points to it and the evolving consciousness demands it. Change can be hard. The wayshowers know this all too well. Many of us left our homes, families, and friends to go on our individual vision quests of awakening. We used much, if not all, of the resources we had in order to do this because we answered the call and we did it out of love. Now many of us find ourselves without a home of our own, with little money, few friends, and removed from a world that no longer makes sense. Hold on a bit more. Our time is coming where we will be summoned into service again. 

Because of this influx of energy, there will be a mass healing unlike we have ever seen. But healing isn't always pretty. We can go through a healing crisis where our symptoms temporarily get worse. All of the emotions that were stuffed deep within - all the anger, rage, resentment, fear, sadness, joy, and love - will float to the surface to be expressed. Wild swings of emotions, bouts of anger and ecstasy, will become the norm for awhile. 

How do I know this? Because the wayshowers, myself included, have already experienced this. It took us years to cross this bridge into the new, going through ascension cycle after ascension cycle. Even though we were the pioneers, we had it "easy." We had some notion of why we were experiencing this. When the masses wake up, they won't have the luxury of years to gradually assimilate these potent energies and most will not understand what is happening to them. When this happens, the wayshowers will be activated into service again to assist with the spiritual triage of much of humanity.

The intense energy of late is also helping the wayshowers to step into our roles as mentors who have mastered this monumental movement of energy. Our new mission is to shed light on what has been hidden, help others on their journey of awakening, and co-create a new way of living on planet Earth. 

For now, we can hold space for the US Presidential Election and for all who are awakening. We can do this by going into the sacred place within our hearts and radiating divine love through our heart's electromagnetic field, expanding it to encompass all of Washington, DC and then all of the US, and all of the world.

May we open our hearts and follow our hearts as we co-create our paths together now and in the coming years.