Friday, November 2, 2012

Welcoming the New

As the old becomes just an image in our rear-view mirror, it is time to embrace the new. As the world changes, so must we. We have seen historic lasting change on the east coast in Sandy's aftermath. Many places will never look the same. What has this massive clearing, cleansing, and cataclysm brought us? Sandy's super swirling vortex changed all our lives forever, not only physically but spiritually. 

This behemoth of a storm impacted more than just the east coast of the US: It will have a ripple effect around the world. Just as a pebble causes ripples in a pond, Sandy's swirling energy has already rippled out across the planet. What message did she give us? We are all part of a single earthly family who need each other, especially in times of crisis. 

For years, the masters told us that we are all one. It was nothing more than a concept for many, until now. We are standing at the threshold of unity consciousness with our hearts wide open. We now feel what it means to be all one. We know it in our hearts. Love becomes our guiding principle.

Last night the news told a story about a single woman, new to New York City and her neighborhood. The woman said she never knew her neighbors until the storm. The entire building was without power and all of her neighbors came together to help each other. She said lovingly about her neighbors that she never knew how wonderful they were and that she feels safer now than before the storm. "I sleep with my door open. We all do." 

We are each a part of a greater vortex of love. With our open hearts leading the way, the world we are creating will be a much different place. I am beginning my new blog, Life Lines...for a new world, with advent of Sandy to provide words of inspiration, introspection, and encouragement as we consciously build our new earth from our hearts.

There's a gift in everything. Thank you, Sandy.