Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doorway to the Divine

Ordering one solstice, super moon, Jupiter in Cancer, and let's throw in a Mercury retrograde, with a side of solar flares! I don't know about you, but I sure am full! Sprinkled on all these delectable delights - a contract which will lay the foundation for my new life.

Findhorn Press offered me a publishing contract for my next book, Doorway to the Divine: Unlocking the Mystery & Magic of the Heart of Creation about the time of the solstice. Of course I was elated when I received the email. As the time passed, and the reality of the responsibility as a first-time published author set in, a huge amount of fear surfaced. "Am I ready for this?" "Is the book ready?" "Will I get all the permissions in time?" I even had a dream where I was acting out The Fool tarot card!

I called a dear friend of mine and shared my emotional dilemma. She suggested I pull a tarot card and find out what this is all about. I decided to do a Rune Spread instead. Here, in a nut shell, is my reading.

Overview of the situation: Messenger Rune - A new life is unfolding. When you start a new life, expect the unexpected and trickster energy(similar to The Fool Tarot card). You are connecting with the Divine.

Challenge: Partnership Rune - Union or partnership with the Divine. Freedom brings new gifts.

Course of Action: The Blank Rune, The Divine - Rune of total trust. You are now living your true destiny. Do not control. Your deepest fears may come up. Willingness and permitting are what are called for. This rune often asks for a leap of faith (similar to The Fool Tarot card).

Sacrifice or choices to be made: Protection Rune - When a new life is beginning or changes course, do not get caught up in your emotions. New opportunities often bring challenges. Seek to control your emotions.

New Situation Evolving: Defense Rune -  Difficulties can arise when you begin a new life. Patience and perseverance. Make a clear decision so that the Universe will support your actions.

Well, as far as readings go, that was very clear!

I signed the contract on the last day Mercury was direct and sent it off. Doorway to the Divine will be out in the spring of 2014. What else could I do but follow my heart since the heart is your doorway to the divine!

Findhorn Press' logo is "Life Changing Books." Doorway to the Divine has already changed mine.