Sunday, May 21, 2017

Love's Door

Well, what a spring it has been! Some days feel like we are on a runaway train and others feel like the train can't get out of the station. The energy has been erratic, sporadic, and super-fast and has taken a toll on every level of our being.

According to the astrology for 2017, things are supposed to get better for us after this weekend. Some astrologers liken this energy to a portal or doorway to a new life and a new way of living our lives.With the north node in Leo and the south node in Aquarius, I feel it is all about going into our hearts, living our hearts' desires, and letting love lead the way. It's time to express ourselves in a new way that is uniquely ours and true to the reason the One Heart brought us here in the first place.

Love's doorway to the soul is now opening. As this doorway to the divine opens in each of our hearts, it connects us to the Source of love itself. This sacred coordination of love and light ignites the passion within our hearts, which provides the fuel needed to propel us into this new life. 

Love is creative energy - the primal spark from which the Universe was formed. At this pivotal time, we have all the resources we need to create our hearts' desires and live the life we came here to live - all because we are awakening to the truth and power of love.

As I wrote in my new book, Into the Heart of Love: Decoding Love's Hidden Power: "When we finally realize that love is more than an emotion, understand the real reason why the heart is associated with love, and learn how to tap into the infinite power of love through the heart, we will change the world."

This week, take some time to go within your heart and open love's door. See what gifts love has in store for you.

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